Windsurfing is perfect for anyone who enjoys a little bit of exercise and water. At the camp, which is situated in the Bay of Puck, on the Hel Peninsula, in seven days you will not only learn how to windsurf but also try many other sports. We guarantee time well spent in a real surfing atmosphere!

for excitement seekers

Although kitesurfing requires more focus and effort than windsurfing, it is also far more exciting and quicker to learn. Anyone who loves sports challenges, is over 10 years old, and weighs more than 35 kilograms will enjoy our seven-day kite camps on the Hel Peninsula. We guarantee good skills and many additional amusements!


kite for the advanced

Borsuk PRO CAMPS is the option for advanced kitesurfers, who are independent and can easily ride upwind and make turns both ways. Training on water is provided by Victor Borsuk, 7-time Polish Kitesurfing Champion. All participants receive their own equipment. The program covers jumps, switch, backroll, and many more freestyle evolutions, depending on our campers’ skills, goals and physical condition.

for water sports lovers

To all the people who can’t decide if they prefer windsurfing to kitesurfing, we offer a camp which includes both sports, together with extra catamaran course and other activities onshore and on the water. Great sports emotions and fun guaranteed!


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from May to September
Camping Molo Surf Spot
Ul. Rybacka 33
Plw. Helski
84-140 Jastarnia



wind and kitesurfing Borsuk CAMPS 

We invite you to the sports camps Borsuk CAMPS for children and youth, which take place at Molo Surf Spot camping site in Jastarnia, on the Hel Peninsula. Camp’s program has been designed by KITE PARK and 7-time Polish Kitesurfing Champion, Victor Borsuk. Participants mostly learn the leading sport of their choice (windsurfing from 8 years old or kitesurfing from 10 years old) but also get to know other board sports, both on the water and on the dry land.   

sports program